#1 HFX  Trading Team

Here at A4P we care about each and every team member, striving to help them be the best version of themselves while achieving financial freedom.

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Why YOU should trade HFX Options

In this video HFX Options Educator Jake Bloomstrand will share the benefits and success he has trading with A4P


Why Choose A4P


One Click Trading

We offer our students multiple daily trading sessions with high earning traders. These traders will call out multiple trades per session as well as giving their insight as to why they are taking a specific trade. 


Training Platform

When you join the A4P team you not only have access to top-level traders you also have access to hundreds of hours of training videos that will help you be a better trader. These videos will vastly increase your knowledge if they are taken seriously. This alone is worth the value of joining the movement.

Team Building

A unique feature that A4P offers is the ability to learn how to network market and team build. If you are not interested in trading or you want to do both this is a tremendous opportunity. We have students on our team that are making hundreds of dollars each week from wanting to help others change their lives by getting on our team.



What do I get access to when joining the team?

When you join A4P you get access to leaders who want to see you succeed and improve your life as much as possible. The tools that are given to each student is multiple daily trading and training sessions. As well as team building sessions to help our students to be better leaders and get some passive income.

Do I need to be on a team to trade HFX?

The answer to this question is simple, no you do not need to be on a team to trade HFX Options. However, this skill is extremely difficult to master by yourself and because of this most traders who trade on their own see failure right away. That is why A4P was created, to help new traders be successful right away.

What makes your team different then others?

What makes our teams so unique so special is that it was founded by Jake Bloomstrand who is one of twelve certified HFX Educators on the entire planet. This automatically puts you ahead of most teams because you are now able to follow the trades of someone who has seen success on a daily basis.

How much money do I need to get started?

Here at A4P we understand each and every person is at a different financial place in their lives. That is why we focus on compounding your money on a nightly basis. So whether you want to start with $50 or $5,000 it does not matter. As long as you are only risking 1-5% of your account per trade and compounding that daily you are putting yourself a higher success rate.

What Can We Help You With?

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